The Delta Variant is moving through America. BEING fully vaccinated can save lives. If you want to live, GET VACCINNATED NOW. Employers are firing those not vaccinated. They are not hiring those who are not vaccinated. This is real. GET VACINNATED.


BIDEN: “We need to go community-by-community, neighborhood-by-neighborhood, and oft times door-to-door, literally knocking on doors” to get people vaccinated.

Americans are rethinking on going back to work or not. Most are outright quitting. Sitting and/or working at home for a year because of Covid and big unemployment checks has made them say “what the fuck.” Why would anyone want to go back and work for a shitty boss who bullies?

I have told this story a thousand times, but it never gets old. I remember all those years back when I first performed in front of a real audience, playing bass guitar with my then band. I was asked to sing.
I had never sung before, but I sure didn’t mine. I knew that playing and singing at the same time was going to be awkward for me, but I was willing to give it a try.
I remember this as plain as day.
The song was a slow groove kind of a song with a thumping beat. So there I was with a mic in front me, a bass guitar on my back, and lots of people staring at me.
I was so nervous, I thought my legs would collapse out from under me. As I was singing the song and playing too, the band knew I was messing up and I knew I was blowing it big time. Despite the mess ups, we kept on playing, and I kept on missing beats, The band starting giving me the evil eye. The song lasted about 4 minutes and then it was over.
I just knew the band was going to rip me a new one.
Suddenly people in the audience were coming up to me and asking me where could they go and buy the song.
They were demanding my autograph. The guys in the band were still giving me the evil eye. And I have been fucking up songs ever since.

Life can be daunting to many, who live alone and think of themselves as failures because failure is constantly being shelved into their faces. I tell people, life is a bitch, expect ups and downs. Go ahead and cry, when the crying is done, shake it all off and restart your lives. The more they see you cry, the more they want to see you cry. Life is made to enjoy. Enjoy it. Our enemies are working overtime to keep us down. NEVER STAY DOWN.

The Delta Variant is moving through America. BEING fully vaccinated can save lives. If you want to live, GET VACCINNATED NOW.

More about George

ACTION WRITER and MOVIE SCREENWRITER. George Wilder Jr. is one of America’s most celebrated and beloved writers. His books and stories have won numerous awards and have been translated into more than twenty languages. Awards includes: Chicago Fiction Awards, the Edgar Awards, the Ludlum Awards, Short Story Awards, and the Bram Stoker Awards. And he plays and sings.

Mr. Wilder has been awarded with many other gifts and praise for his outside work in treating others with respect, dignity with a caring and a helpful heart, he believes what most people deserve. He has been on the forefront of justice from the beginning. He will work hard until he drops. George Wilder Jr., is not looking for fame and notoriety. Like you, he just wants a better world, and he will help to make that happen or die trying. He is determined to help those who are being stepped on each day by the stupid idiots that saturate our society.

He writes to inspire, to inform, and to entertain. You can also find Mr. Wilder in iTunes, Spotify, I-heart-radio, Google, and many other platforms of listening online . Mr. Wilder is on your side, listen to his show, for help to wade your way through bullies, haters, harassers, and cowards. He’s been there.

Mr. Wilder is a first rate Storyteller, Musician, Book Reviewer, Activist, songwriter, and Popular Radio Host. AND HE IS HELPING TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE, ONE STORY AT A TIME.


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I'm a writer and internet radio host, author and musician. I reside in the beautiful city of Chicago. I have been writing and publishing for almost 20 years. I have been told and believe that my work is awesome and driven. I all those who given their support over the years and beyond. I'm always trying to find ways of making the world a better place. Join me at www.blogtalkradio.com Have a great year. 2017

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