I’m Back on Internet Radio

There are more stupid people in America than everywhere else in the world. Let’s change that, if we can. https://www.blogtalkradio.com/georgewilderjr/2021/08/13/the-george-wilder-jr-show-is-now-on-the-air-2021 Click on the links to listen my talk show. Turn it up and enjoy. https://www.blogtalkradio.com/georgewilderjr/2021/08/05/the-george-wilder-jr-show-is-now-on-the-air *****Our fight is not with each other, our fight is not against some rogue country who has attacked us, ourContinue reading “I’m Back on Internet Radio”


**For Movie Producers, Directors, and Screenwriters. Queries, Loglines and Synopsis**

George Wilder Jr. Chicago, Illinois 60660 The Old Man and the Ugly Boy From: George Wilder Jr.RE: I am a published author, radio host, screenwriter, activist, and a musician.Dear: Who May Be ConcernI have recently completed a full-length spec script from a published short story that I had previously written. Please Find a short pitchContinue reading “**For Movie Producers, Directors, and Screenwriters. Queries, Loglines and Synopsis**”